Darkness descends upon the land!

Supernatural occurances have been plaguing the secluded areas of the Kingdom of Cormyr in the Forgotten Realms. The mountains are crawling with ancient creatures of the dark; the Realm of Wailing Fog stirs unsettlingly; the southern coast rumors of hauntings, overturned graveyards, and vague tales of ships crewed by the dead. Omens bode not well…

An alliance has begun in these dark times. An alliance to investigate the supernatural phenomenon has just now begun to take place. The Temple of Lathander has allied with the brave, yet supersticious barbarians near the Realm of Wailing Fog; the dark, yet honorable Dhampir of Thundermist Castle; and others have been called upon to face against the darkness…

For house rules for the Campaign, please refer to my other campaign:

Forgotten Realms:Champions of the Realms

Ravenloft: Against the Darkness

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